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The Unfair Platformer

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The Unfair Platformer is a free game that is available online for anyone to play. It is a platform game that is quite unique from any other games out there. Everything in this game is out to get you and you will face moving platforms, death spikes, death holes, and death fire. This game is for a serious gamer who enjoys a challenge as although this game is fun it is sure to be quite frustrating as well. The Unfair Platformer is a side scrolling game and it features decent animation. Even if you are an amazing gamer with lots of experience, this game will likely take you a long time to beat and you will die countless times in the process, because EVERYTHING will try to kill you. The name of this game, "The Unfair Platformer" is perfect for this game, as it is a platform game and while playing it the game just seems very unfair - it appears that no matter how hard you try, there is SOMETHING that will kill you.For a casual gamer who just likes to play games for fun, this game may be a bit too much. Unless your idea of fun is trying over and over and over again to make it through the first 10 seconds of a game only to find yourself dying over and over then you may not want to try this game. You will find yourself dying over and over sometimes due to things you can see like accidentally falling into a hole, or other times because a random invisible block appears out of nowhere and you get PUSHED into the hole, or because a random block falls on your head and crushes you. Overall, if you enjoy a big challenge then go ahead and give The Unfair Platformer a try - but don't say I didn't warn you!